7 05 2012

I’ve been doing a massive amount of research into what different cultures consider to be beautiful and this was so elegantly timed, it needed to be done. Steam forth, read what the witch hath wrote!

Stuff! Also Things!

Over the past couple of years, I have to say I have grown the hell up.  I don’t know when I reached the point of, yup, this is me; but it has occurred.  My ideas have congealed and become fairly set as far as my sense of self, my sense of style, my place within my subculture, and my political and social feelings.  I tend to not really talk about the last two.

Everyone knows the gnarly trap you wander into when talking politics.  My office mates take delight in purposefully saying either completely nasty things to me or attempting to instigate me into arguments.  I have had a person request that I be made to work on election day, just so I don’t help “fuck up the country further”.  That last bit was said after I rather non-noncommittally refused to rise to a “who you gonna vote for?  Someone horrible?” question.  So, I REALLY have…

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