My Juice Is Uncontrollable!

22 02 2012

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m writing on my iPhone. The Vixen is running a quick errand so I thought I’d break out a ‘too big to be tweeted’ chunk of smithing while I wait for her to call for exfil.

Yeah, every errand is a special op around here.

I’ve been downloading a rather large amount of string music. And not string like guitar. I’m talking violins and cellos and what-have-you’s. I have become rather fond of writing with musical accompaniment.

I always heard it said that listening to this sort of thing makes you smarter. Honestly that’s not why I started. I started because I really enjoy it. Not because I was seeking a magical boost to my writing skill. Those don’t exist. You want to talk fantasy lets discuss writers block and the idea of the freaking ‘muse’ that’ll wave a wand over my brain and make me vomit Nebula worthy manuscripts. I think not.

I will however admit that the strings do, depending on the song, make me feel bad ass. It’s like I’m soaking up he energy of the piece. RAWR!

But really even if you’ve never listened to a violin, do yourself a favor. The Vitamin String Quartet does string arrangements of modern rock, metal, alternative, and some pop hits. Or, for those of you who may enjoy a bit more rhythm, check out The Black Violin. Hip hop on strings baby.

And what about the rest of you? What do you listen to when hard at work? Does it get your juices flowing?

Gremlins In My Wings!

28 01 2012

I recognized something today. This blogging thing, the whole business? You know what this is?

What? No, that’s not a trick question. Huh? No, I don’t mean business like that. Sure, technically I am trying to sell something but it’s not that. Hey, put your pants back on! Geez.

Like I was saying, it’s more than just me spitting bizarre squabble over random pixels on the screen. It’s a resource. For you, for me. The design idea here is I’m trading you for your time. You get entertained, I get some views. Some personal investment of your day. That’s huge.

I’m writing a book. That’s my current big project and something goofy has happened to it. And I don’t mean in a semi autistic, sentient, talking dog sort of way either. It’s a lot worse than that.

I’m not going to say I hit a wall because that’s just absurd. I have come to recognize over time that the concept of “Writer’s Block” as some mythical word smithing boogeyman is a misleading one. Hell, let’s just call it outright stupid. The block is more of a self-imposed nuisance. A symptom of a much greater problem.


But that is for another time.

I have a mostly finished novel right now. Why do I say mostly?

That would be because I keep rewriting bits of the bloody thing. I have a solid idea. I’m just a little indecisive about how I’m wrapping it up. Of the three different endings I’ve hammered out, I’ve liked zero of them. And in terms of a book being successful, that’s a problem. Not having an ending disqualifies you.


That is a formula that just doesn’t work.

So not only can I not continue with the publication process due to, oh I don’t know, not having the damn thing done, it’s also delaying my push to an editor. I can’t send out an unfinished product for edits anymore then I could get half a novel into a Barnes and Noble.

So why tell you all this?

Because you’re my resource. This blog exists for me as much as it exists for you. I ramble, it helps me to assign an identity to my problem. It’s like the premise in that Warlock movie. Say the true name of God and reality unravels. I speak the true name of my woe and it melts away.



It’s like therapy. Kill your demons. Exorcise their pompous, leathery back sides and they pester you no more.

The Heart of the Matter

9 08 2011

Sometimes terrible things happen. Sometimes what you believe will never happen to you or someone you know, does.

This is not the post I had mentioned was coming.

This is something else.

At the beginning of the month my mother had a heart attack. Needles to say, August is not off to a great start. The morning was normal enough, I slept right through it having just come off of one of my usual overnight shift in the salt mine where I suffer my day job. I fell asleep around eight-thirty and woke up near three. (And yes that would be three pm.) I stirred from bed with little thought of the rest of the day. I was going to have to go to work at seven as was usual and there I would no doubt push an endless parade of paperwork and red tape across my desk, out the door to bind and constrict others in their quest for making sick people well again. And then it happened. My phone rang, or buzzed as it were since it was sitting on vibrate. It was my mother and she was asking if I could give her a ride to the ER.

There is something you should know about my mother. She doesn’t go to doctors. She doesn’t believe that there is any need to fuss about what seems to be ‘little things’. I suppose that is true in certain situations. Don’t sweat the big stuff, deny the stressful things from piling up too high upon your shoulders if you can help it, it’ll make you tired, suck you dry. But she asked. Naturally I became a little worried. I thought about all the times I had claimed illness should keep me from school as a child and how she would simply inquire as to if I was bleeding or if any of my organs had been coughed up that morning. When the inevitable ‘no’ issued forth I was made ready and bound for school. But these are more serious days.

One of those invincible beings I called my parents was facing a life-threatening situation.

I jumped into my car and drove over straight away to find my brother and his wife already there preparing to watch the dogs while I took her to the hospital. We were in the ER for twenty minutes before she was on her way to the cath-lab for a procedure that would place stents to get her heart going again. Later the cardiologist would tell me that it was a great thing we arrived when we did. The sort of lucky that says “Hey someone may have died today.” Fantastic.


Needless to say my writing took a bit of a hit. I meant to have a few blog post up this month but my mind as been elsewhere so you’ll have to excuse me. Life on occasion does get itself in the way. So what can I say? Well things went well, the heart repairs thus far have been good. There are plans to return in a few weeks to place another stent but now she seems to be operating at an even better level than before. Who knew that having your blood flowing properly would actually make you feel better, as if you had more energy. But now that the blood is flowing so too is the ink from my pen or maybe I should say the pixels from my keyboard or thoughts from…eh, electrons from…

I’m writing again.

The Clarion event is over. It concluded on the sixth and with it so too did my initial push into the next big project. I have a great foundation, its solid. Little rocky in spots but solid nontheless. Being a first draft that is to be expected though, thats what they’re for being rough. I like the process of the polish though. And good thing because I’m thinking there is going to be a great deal of it in the near future.

So I apologize. I am sorry for my abscence. But now I am back and rolling.

Stay tuned folks.

Meet My Giant Hammer

27 07 2011

Writer’s Block, a miserable thing. I challenge you to find one person who says otherwise. You won’t be able to, nope – no way. Not POSSIBLE!

Even so, it may be a pain but it happens, it happens to everyone at some point or another. In fact I don’t think there has yet to be a writing project in which I don’t meet a large stumbling block at some point in my progress. It is inevitably conquered however, and I’m going to tell you why.

Keri Smith. Lately anyways. Here’s a link to her place, browse, read – ABSORB. I stumbled upon her work one day while visiting an artist friend of mine. Want to know more about his stuff? Yeah I thought you might, and if you don’t too bad because here it is anyways. And here and here and also, here. So there. Hrm.

Right, so now that I’ve gotten my thoughts back in order, coagulated my guano so to speak, I was writing about something.

Keri Smith! She has a book, several actually. That picture up there, that’s one of them. It is NOT a typical book however, not by a long shot. And it’s what I’m currently using in response to the Block Affliction, as I like to call it. Makes it sound a little more snazzy, maybe not so intimidating but, rather something to enjoy conquering.

Right from the first page you will encounter directions. Upon every page thereafter, more directions. Even the back cover has directions!

Yes, tape it shut and mail it to yourself. I’ve yet to do that one, obviously – the photo above is of my own copy. And that’s not all. There are all sorts of strange, non typical things in there, non typical as in you wouldn’t dare do them to a book but that’s part of the fun. A few of my favorites including taking it into the shower with you and dropping it from somewhere very high. Oh and also…

I saw a helmet. Or a butterfly. Whatever. It’s up for interpretation of course being an ink blot. If you can’t see the text down there its telling you to drip something on the page and close it, see what you end up with. The ink I used found its way to other pages which added just that much more character to the rest of what I’ve done in the book. It is a simple way in which to create that anyone can do. To further illustrate the point, I had to buy it from the children’s section of my local borders.(which is closing now, sad face) But that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by just about anyone and I encourage you to check out her other books since they are all just as wonderful.

Oh right, I was shamelessly plugging these for a reason! It’s about my writers block, er I mean, my Block Affliction. Who knows why it happens, but every now and then you hit a wall that stumps your progress. It can come at any time, even mid sentence and though there are exercises that you can find online to help overcome them I find that my block will keep me from sometimes completing even those. I was ecstatic the day I found this. For me, finding another creative outlet that does not require me to write is the very thing I need to get the novelist juices flowing again. These books get me back on track again like nothing has yet. SO I encourage you to check these out. If you missed the link earlier or for some reason your mouse wheel stopped working and you have no other means to go back HERE it is again.

And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Keri Smith!